Single Articles

'About the Gulf Settlements' (The Queenslander, 2 October 1869). A vivid description of the Normanton area of the 1860s.

'Consecration of the Church of England Burial Ground' (The Courier, 24 May 1862). An article about the consecration of the old North Brisbane Burial Ground - at what is now Lang Park - in 1862.

'The State of Brisbane Cemeteries in 1868' (The Queenslander, 3 October 1868). Conditions in Brisbane burial grounds of the 1860s prompted moves to establish new cemeteries in the town.

'Scenes by the 1840s Brisbane River' (The Queenslander, 26 May 1917). William Clark's account of life along the Brisbane River through the city and South Brisbane during the 1840s.

'Cleveland Point' (Moreton Bay Courier, Saturday 26 August 1854). John Dunmore Lang describes his vosot to Cleveland and why it would not be suitable as a future capital city.