Welcome to Colonial Columns

Colonial Columns is a compilation of fascinating articles and illustrations from various old newspapers of Queensland, transcribed and re-presented with added images and notes.

The articles have been specially selected to provide an insight into contemporary perspectives on the early development of the Australia's own Sunshine State. The histories display a distinctly colonial attitude to that story, while the travelogues provide often wonderfully-detailed descriptions of life on the ground for 19th-century folk.

Men reading the Queenslander newspaper, Fort Lytton camp, 1900. John Oxley Library.

New articles and illustrations are added on a regular basis. Special thanks must be made to the National Library of Australia staff responsible for the Trove website, which is a wonderful tool aiding the research of Australian local history.

This website has been designed and compiled by Brisbane-based professional historian Christopher Dawson, MPHA (Qld).